Human Resources Management Consulting

HR Management Consulting

HR management consulting has a pivotal role in the success of various business entities and ongoing endurance in an increasingly global competitive environment and growing business risk profile. HR management consulting aims to optimally utilize available capabilities and skills of the human resources through developing their performance, designing programs and plans that achieve this goal and ensuring staff satisfaction by providing attractive working environment.

Added value to business entities of HR Management Consulting Services

  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements within the management systems;
  • Create attractive and clear-cut working environment for human resources;
  • Ensure sound recruitment in line with job needs and regulatory requirements;
  • Develop career planning and development system based on cost-benefit concept;
  • Define job grading within business entity to enhance concept of accountability for job incumbents;
  • Apply efficiency and integrity criteria to job incumbents to ensure hiring the right person for the right job; and

Services provided by Baker Tilly

  1. Develop job assessment system and define job grades and job grading system;
  2. Conduct salary surveys for different jobs in labor market;
  3. Develop/ amend compensation and benefits structure;
  4. Develop employees’ performance appraisal system;
  5. Develop/ amend employee guide;
  6. Develop recruitment and manpower plan;
  7. Develop training and career development system; and
  8. Conduct psychometric assessment for new and existing employees to identify their suitability for the job.

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